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Stop searching the internet for your new working dog !!

To whom it may concern!!

We know how very difficult and also important it is to raise and train your dog to became a very good sport dog the first month's off his life.

After more then 25 years experience in the dog sport "we have trained and titled more then 30 dogs, we competed at National , International and World Championships ".

We ( Team Arditi) are offering you the next service , in our kennel we have selected talented young dogs out off very well known working line's , we started training these dogs in all phases off the sport, we are giving you the upportunity to purchase the dog you like , we will reserve and train the dog for you and keep you informed( video and email) about the progress off your dog.

We train the dogs at a level you want us to train them.

Here are the levels we can train your dog for you: ready for BH , BH titled ,ready for Sch or Ipo1 ,titled Sch1 or Ipo 1 .

We are busy with the dogs 24/7 if we not training them they are staying in our climate controlled kennels , getting the best food there is and all the necessary care that is needed .

For more specific details you can always call or email us.

Stop searching the internet!!
We are sure that we can help you to find your World Champion, Sport dog, Family Protection dog or Police dog. We also can provide you with first class breeding females.

Please feel free to email us if you are interested in any of our services or dogs for sale on our website.

Yours sincerely "Team Arditi"
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